sophie de rakoff

"I read, I absorb, then I obsessively hunt for images that can explain what I see in my minds eye" ~ Sophie ~

Sophie's Story

Sophie: "I had moved to LA from NY and was working as a stylist's assistant, and not really taking it that seriously. My brother was dating a young actress at the time (well, we were all young at the time!) who was just about to start on a tiny independant film and she literally asked me to come in and meet on the film because she liked my personal sense of style and thought I would make her look good. So I did and I did!"

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Sense of style can take you very far

Interviewer:"Your design for the outfit Elle Woods wears in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde is currently part of the Hollywood Costume Exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. How was it seeing your work as part of such an exciting exhibition for the field of costume design?"


My Role

I have been Sophie's webdesigner since 2008. Together we have worked through a couple of website makeovers.

Responsibilites of project: Art Direction, Ux/Ui Design, Graphic Design, Web Development.