Ruby Ride

Safe, Simple, Reliable Car Rides

Ruby Ride

Ruby Ride is a car service designed for people who don't own a car and need reliable and cosistent rides within a service zone on a regular basis. The app allows you to save your favorite places. This is where the users live, shop, learn and dine and play. The app lets users select a mothly plan that covers interest areas. It also partners with major health and insurances to provide reliable car service for users that need to go to hospitals often and cannot afford to own a car or cannot drive anymore.

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My Role

I was hired as a freelance UI/UI designer to re-design the Ruby Ride passenger and driver mobile application. I created workflows, wireframes, UX interactions requirements with use cases specifications for engineers, high definition mock ups, style guides and iconography.

Responsibilites of projects: Freelance UI/UX Designer