Pinch - The Business Proposition

Pinch is an mobile app that connects real estate agents or house owners with anyone who offers landscaping and house cleaning services in only three clicks for the user.


Pinch - The design challenge

The design challenge was a very common one. How do we automate processes and simplify the user experience, to allow the user to get from point A to point B within a minimum amount of clicks.

During the research and discovery phase, my team and realized the similarities between Pinch and the Uber business model. Both applications required to match a service supplier within a given mile radius, with a service requester, stationed in a fixed location, easily detectable by GPS. Both services relied on GPS technology and a simple algorithm to calibrate the price based on the offer and demand ratio.

We also realized that just by using the location of the property, the MLS database was already available to us with data about the houses such as square footage and number of rooms, and that we could easily import all that information into our app at very little cost.

So the solution was easy. All I needed to do was to translate the Uber design model into a service that offered house cleaning services and add some extra spicy features that put the user in control by allowing customization if needed.


Pinch - Customer Flow

As part of my design process, I create user journeys to understand the workflows needed to support an MVP format of the app. The following video demonstrates the journey of a Pinch customer from sign up, to creating a Pinch post, to selecting a provider, making a payment and leaving a review.

Pinch - Supplier Flow

Every time there is a customer requesting a service, there needs to be a supplier offering this service. Pinch is split into 2 different apps. One for the customer and the other for supplier. The following video shows how a supplier creates a listing and connects with customers.

My Role

I was hired as a freelance UX/UI designer to help scope out MVP features. I created workflows, wireframes, and prototypes and presented them to investors and stake holders .

Responsibilites of projects: Freelance UI/UX Designer