How to make sleep a thing

Philips Sleep

Philips Sleep is a branch of Philips that creates health and sleep management products. Philips sleep builds a wide array of innovative products to help people with sleep-related problems such as apnea, insomnia, and many others. Philips hired USTWO ideate some original concepts for applications for three different target audiences curious consumers, insomniacs, and athletes.

Working Sessions

The first few weeks on the project were spent understanding the client's requirements and needs. We also familiarized ourselves with research history, sleep data and analytics previously collected by the client. Using that information we identified three target groups curious consumers, insomniacs and athletes and we derived our first set of assumptions or anything that needed to be further explained or researched. We also identified untapped market areas where we could potentially create breakthrough products based on our target groups. After that, we created personas and user journeys to help us pin down the user's pain points for each target group. We came up with an array of potential solutions related to our assumptions and we brainstormed with stakeholders to understand the business perspective before proceeding to create the first round of artifacts for experimentation and user interviews.


Ideation sessions

After collecting insights and learnings from our first round of experiments, we narrowed them down to actionable items to ideate on. We conducted ideation sessions with members of the Philips team. Every ideation session was held with diversified groups to keep the ideas always new and fresh. We used the crazy 8 technique and voted on the best concepts to develop into prototypes and mockups for our experiments.


Energy Meter - Concept

Energy Meter is one of the many concepts that came out during ideations sessions. This concept originated after we discovered that curious consumers were more interested in their overall state of health displayed in an original intuitive way, more than a chart. Occasionally they would want to learn more and dig deeper into sleep data. The design features a person's energy calculated with sleep data collected through a wearable device, visualized in an abstract representation of a morphing bubble of energy. Energy morphs into a live, moving bubble that changes shape and color according to the person's fluctuating level of energy. If interested the user can dig deeper into their previous night's sleep and sleep stages to understand how to improve their sleep and see correlations between sleep and other factors in their life.


My Role

I was hired by USTWO as a UX/UI designer consultant. I participated in working sessions to define target users, hypothesis and experiments. Conducted interviews with potential users and customers. Ideated and conceptualized multiple concepts and presented to the client. Created mockups and prototypes to run experiments. Created final high definitions designs to hand-off to the client.

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