NetBeez - Network Monitoring

Proactive network monitoring from the end-user’s perspective.


NetBeez is a network performance monitoring solution that helps network engineers manage complex network infrastructures. I worked at Netbeez as a UX/UI consultant to help the business improve the existing User Interface. I also helped to create the user experience of upcoming new features such as WiFi Network Monitoring. For more information on NetBeez please visit

Netbeez Dashboard


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My Role

At NetBeez I worked as an external UX/UI consultant creating workflows and wireframes for upcoming and existing features. I worked closely with product owners and engineers to understand the application back end and product requirements. I also identified usability pain points in the current UI using statistical data, customer interviews and competitors research. I then proceeded to create mock ups to improve look and feel and user interactions of the existing interface.

Responsibilites of projects: UI/UX Design