Petuum Med

Enhance medical diagnosis by Artifitial Ingelligence

Petuum Med

Petuum Med is an app powered by Artificial Interlligence which brings new levels of productivity and precision to healthcare and life sciences, reducing time for dignosis, improving efficiency of doctors and reducing backlog. Petuum Med uses Advanced Natural Language & Computer Understanding to generate written reports from X-ray images and from patients notes. Petuum AI captures possible image abnormalities or diagnosis and summarizes both the findings and the conclusions in a written report.

Critical Information Extraction

Critical information extraction is one of the main features in the app. It uses Advanced Natural Language Processing extracts and collates critical information from patient records, giving clinicians direct and quick access without spending an hour or more combing through the patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR).


Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis & Medication Reconciliation is a feature in the app that uses predictive algorithms suggest disease diagnoses and medications that factor in all data from the patient’s EHR that a physician might miss, preventing possible contraindications and assisting physicians with the reconciliation process.

Disease Detection from Images

In this feature Computer vision is applied to images such as X-rays and CT scans for lung disease detection, arthritis detection, wound imaging, and more that are not captured by the naked eye.

My Role

As a team lead, I lead the design team combined effort to design Petuum Med iOS. My team and explored wireframes and designs and together we arrived at the final designs, high definition mockups, style guides, and iconography.

Responsibilites of projects: Lead UI/UX Designer