GENCO Marketplace

America's Largest Wholesaler of Retailer Returns

The E-Commerce Secondary Market

GENCO Marketplaceis making major improvements to, its flagship business-to-business website. Improvements will feature: improved search functionality within manifests making it easier and faster to find products, better support for mobile devices, auctions and fixed price lots, New inventory, packed as pallets or cartons, added daily.

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About GENCO Marketplace

Recommerce is a general term for a practice in which a seller of goods allows for a certain kind of exchange between customers. In recommerce situations, those who have bought products can “sell back” obsolete or otherwise undesirable products, either for a cash payout or in exchange for a different product. Beacause of this Recommerce is now a prominent part of modern retail.


Lead-Generation - Building Relationships

In order to create new on-line registrants, enlarge the buyer's base and develop trust, GENCO Marketplace has created online campaigns featuring landing pages, GOOGLE adds, HTML Email Marketing and progressive profile creation. EBooks, newsletters, and online articles were also created to educate our potential customers on the benefits of utilizing the secondary market.

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Auction Mobility

As 55% of web traffic comes to GENCO Marketplace from mobile users we decided to improve our mobile User Experience by introducing a Mobile Auction App. Added features such as push notifications and easy, real-time access keep things running smoothly for our bidders.


Traditional Advertising Channels

Part of GENCO Marketplace marketing efforts are geared towards traditional advertising channels such as magazine ads and postcards.


My Role

At GENCO Marketplace I designed wireframes and high definition comps for new upcoming IBM WebSphere commerce website spanning desktop and mobile and regularly met with business leadership team as well as software developers to review project development. I also provided UI design for Web-based projects, including dashboards, registration pages, widgets, and products. As part of the marketing team I designed collateral for marketing campaigns, developed cross-platform compliant HTML Emails and landing pages for marketing campaigns reaching thousands of recipients, created web banners for Google ads and collaborated extensively in marketing and lead. generation strategies.

Responsibilites of project Ux/Ui Design, Branding, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Web Development, Flowcharts, Infographics.