Simplifying the lives of caregivers with caregiving resources and tools

The eCareDiary App

To help manage and organize the Caregiver's life eCareDiary created a mobile app with a private online calendar, the possibility of storing important medical records and sharing them with other family or caregivers and many other features.


The Care Diary Website

The eCareDiary site not only provides the user with the care diary application experience, but it is also a place to get informed with latest medical advice, healthcare trends, and a place to share experiences and get support from other caregivers.

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The Care Diary App - Work in Progress Study

Before arriving to a cohesive design solution, I explored different directions. One of the possibilities I explored to encourage a new registrant to use the Care Diary was to divide the account registration into a sequence/steps where the user was guided into filling in the basic information needed to start an eCareDiary account.

My Role

At eCareDiary I upgraded and enhanced the UI of present website implementing modern UI concepts and designs to optimize User Experience. I also worked on mobile app through the early stages of a design or product, working from strategy and feature definition into information architecture, sketching and prototyping. I also spent a lot of time managing product and team intricacies. I helped manage the design and developer team’s workflow and timelines, and assisted with planning small and large product improvements and releases.

Responsibilites of projects:Art Direction, Branding, UI/UX Design, Front End Development.